Creative toys... Creative play!

Creativity can make anything possible. Our innovative toys will spark up the little one's imaginations and serve up hours of educational play. Look for our wide range of inspirational toys and let the fun begins!

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Our Products

Creative toys for all!

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Chef Master

Colorful cookware and a huge selection of food. Our most popular line!
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Kiddie House Keeping

Kiddie House Keeping is one of our best selling role play series. This year, we have updated the colors and packaging.
project 3

Kiddie Doctor

We can never get enough role playing toys. We are bringing more colors to this range and we have also updated the lines with NEW ITEMS! Come visit us to check them out!
project 4

Kiddie Adventure

Adventure and understand the nature. Start today with our science and nature series.
project 5

Kiddie Mechanics

Our Kiddie Mechanics Sets are built for the best pretend play experience. Be ready to build and fix items around the house with our make-believe hand tools and power tools.
project 6

Fashion Diva

Look out! We are updating our fashion series into Fashion Diva makeup tools and accessories. Be sure to visit us for more information.
project 7

The Living Series

The Living Series is our brand new series with everyday vechicles and action figures. Come visit us and check out our latest creations.
  • project 1 Chef Master
  • project 2 Kiddie House Keeping
  • project 3 Kiddie Doctor
  • project 4 Kiddie Adventure
  • project 5 Kiddie Mechanics
  • project 6 Fashion Diva
  • project 7 The Living Series

More Product Details

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A brief history of Artoy

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About Us

ARTWAY, with a Trade Mark of ARTOY, is a family oriented ODM manufacturer featuring a broad assortment of high quality toys and children accessories. Founded in the year 1984 in Hongkong, the company has grown to over 15,000 sq ft of management office and showroom in Hongkong with a 300,000 sq ft of manufacturing premises in China. All through the years we are dedicated to customers’ needs and satisfaction while maintaining a high quality of production is what separates us from today’s sharp competition.

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Our Turnkey Solutions

Offering real cost saving value through our full service capabilities

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Our Missions

It is our mission to develop toys for children that help sparking up their imagination. They play for fun and learn at the same time. We are focusing on toy safety as our top priority during product developments.

The company offers full service from concept through delivery. Artoy prides itself on exceptional service, value, quality, and on-time performance.







Our Quality & Service

Quality is a trait that our customers appreciate

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True commitment to quality & continuous improvement

With our 35 years working experience, we understand completely the gobal saftey standard requirements.

We partner with the Hong Kong Productivity Council to focus on continuous improvement of technology, product development, engineering, and manufacturing as we strive to raise our productivity and competitiveness.

Our factory maintains the following quality certifications:

Contact Us

Write to us... Call us... Visit us...

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Contact Us

Phone: (+852) 2796-9989
Fax: (+852) 2750-2106

Office Address

Units B-D, 8/F.,
Gee Hing Chang Industrial Building
16 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Showroom Address

Room 1001-3, 10/F., Tower A,
New Mandarin Plaza,
14 Science Museum Road,
TST East, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Factory Address

No. 9 De Li Road, Song Mu Shan Estate,
Da Lang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China